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By | June 24, 2018

The Good Effects of Pine Straw Mulching

Farmers across the globe have taken interest in the use of mulch in their field so as to protect the soil from wind and rain. The effects of this process is a clear addition of nutrients into the soil. As a result, mulching has become a common practice in the growth of plants. Mulch can be obtained from the remains of plants, leaves or grass and have varying effects on the soil. There are many advantages that come with the use of pine straw for mulching.

The first benefit a farmer that uses pine straw on the farm is the fact that pine straw mulch is very sustainable. Pine straw mulch is mainly made from pine straw needles that are always dropping . This guarantees there availability at any point of the years when you might need them.

Pine straw protects the soil from drying up by limiting loss of moisture though evaporation. Mulch also maintains suitable temperatures for the roots that have developed too close to the surface of the ground. There is displacement of soil particles by rain drops hitting the surface of an uncovered ground. This type of erosion can be prevented by pine straw mulch that takes the impact of the raindrops. When the pine straw rots, it releases nutrients that are important for plants and also promotes the presence of micro organisms in the soil.This will improve the aeration of the soil which is a very necessary for healthy plants.

Pine straw is not displaced from planting beds like other mulch does. This preserves the cleanliness of the areas around the fam. Pine straw stays friable eliminating the need to include the addition of other mulch sources. Some types of mulch form crusts that make the process of farming very inconvenient; this does not occur when using pine straw mulches. Pine straw remains functional for longer periods of time since it decays at a lower speed to time ratio, eliminating the necessity for replacement.

Weeds compete for nutrients and air with the important crops that have been planted. This will often lead to poor health of the crops if it is not controlled. Application of pine straw mulch around the crops will eliminate the possibility of any alien plants developing by suffocation. Some types of mulch such as wood mulch contribute to the growth of weeds.

The surface that the same amount of mulch can cover is way larger when pine straw is used compared to other. Therefore, pine straw mulch is less costly than other sources of mulch.

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